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Bonsai 3d model

- Bonsai realistic 3d model.
- Nicely organized. Correct names for all objects and good topology. TRI and QUAD polygons only. Mixed UVs.
- Real world scale.
- Setuped in Vray 2.0 (3dsmax 2010) and Vray for C4D v1.8 (CINEMA 4D R15)
- No 3rd party plugin needed (except V-Ray)

Part of NICEMODELS Vol. 2 - Essential Archviz Pack

Realistic Trees 3d model

HI Realistic Series Tree

All of our 3D models correspond exactly to real models and are made to the real size.
The models are suitable for close-ups and are ideal for architectural visualization.
At the same time they have a reasonable polygons count and will not overload your scene.

Optimized for V-Ray!

The model works with 3ds Max 2010 or higer.

Previews were rendered in V-Ray.

Ash Tree 3d model

High-detailed 3D model of an ash tree 28 feet tall approximately 20 years in age. Real World scale.

Modeled in 3DS Max 2008. Rendered in Mental Ray.


Model is broken down into 6 different objects:
- TRUNK (includes the major branches)
- TWIGS (the smaller branches connecting to leaves)
- LEAVES (divided into 4 different objects so it is more manageable. Also by deleting one group you remove one-fourth of the leaves thus 'thinning out' the foliage)

Airport 3d model

This is a detailed and a high resolution scene set up of a modern airport....everything shown in the the thumbnails is included...following are the details

Airport building
Airport control tower
Aeroplane (detailed with 7 different textures)
Surrounding buildings (low poly models)
Towing vehicle
Van (low poly)
Truck (low poly)

Rendered with v ray.....light & render setup included....all files are zipped...