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Disney Cinderella Castle 3d model

-------------My opinion--------------
Nice first impression and nice mood and lighting.
The bird's eye view is not so good and the back lake could be done better.
The brick texture needs some tile fixing, and the grass texture is not good.
However, the base 3d model is very highly detailed and nice modeled.
So with some minor fixing especially on the texture part, i would recommend this 3d model to use it in your projects.

Smurf Rigged with Fur - 3d model

----------My opinion---------
This the best smurf 3d model i have seen on sale.
It is rigged with 3dsmax biped and very high quality, the edge loops are correctly made and it also has facial rigging wich is awesome.
The skin deformations are very good with no strange distortions except some distortion on the pants just below the belly.
I think that it has some anatomy problems especially in the back

Rock 3D Scan 16 3d model

Models scanned.
Amazing detail of the model.
UV map optimally packed

Highly accurate texture 8K
8192 * 8192 !

Includes 2 models. Hi Poly and Low Poly.

Nature created them millions of years.
Now you can add them to their projects.

The best possible quality.
The true realism.

Also check out my other models just click on my user name to see complete gallery.
Asset scan 3d