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Content: Full Body & Hand rigged model (SKIN modifier).
1 High quality Mocap data file in .bip format (Straight walking).
Geometry: About 30000 Quads for Body,Clothing, Hair, Mouth, Teeth and Tongue meshes.
Textures: 4K High quality Maps (Difuse, Specular, Bump, Displacemet, etc).
Format: 3D Studio Max 2008 or above.
Materials: MentalRay ready + skin shader and Lighting setup.
Units: Centimeters and Inches.


Metropoly collections can be viewed from any angle!
Break with the limitations of plain characters!
Perfect for medium - close distance viewing!
Perfect integration with the rendered image!
Optimized mesh that allows for perfect shadows!
Using our characters, image retouching is almost unnecessary!