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Logitech wireless mouse 3d model

3D Model of Logitech M510 wireless mouse

This model is suitable for animation advertising architectural visualisations etc.

Model is created in 3dsmax 2011

All previews are rendered with Vray 2.00 with Gamma 2.2

The product includes:

3dsmax file with Vray materials

3dsmax file standart version(Scanline)

3 textures (various texture sizes)
Polygon count
unsmoothed 1549


additional files



Angie - Extended 3d model

Cartoon character of a young woman.

Rational polygon count (body of 4248 polygons 4311 verts.) Edge loop based clean topology. Mostly quads and only 8 triangles. Removable subdivision is applied.

Huge textures not mirrored ( body – 10000x10000px). See the last thumbnail for more details. If you don't have enough RAM use reduced maps available. Interchangeable eyes color lash and eyebrows styles and four styles of hairdo are available (polygonal with opacity map).

Archmodels vol. 100 3d models

Archmodels vol. 100

This collection includes highly detailed models of autumn and winter trees with all textures shaders and materials.
In the anniversary edition of Archmodels vol. 100 you will find 100 models and the special bonus - 3 cover scenes included with all models materials lighting and scene setup. Scenes are prepared only for vray 1.5 with 3dsmax 2008.