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Guitar Collection

A collection of heavy metal Guitar, Amplifier and effect pedals. Made with 3ds Max 2010 and available in other formats.

In the collection:
* Dave Mustaine VMNT signature guitar.
* Boss Pedal with changeable textures
* Behringer Hell Babe Wah Wah Pedal (animated to open and close)
* Marshall Vintage Modern Amplifier.
* Guitar / Bar stool.
* Detailed guitar cable.

Available in:

3DS OBJ FBX and 2 x Max (V-ray and Defaul t/ Mental Ray Renderers) formats.


Each item in this collection can be purchased separately (check out my models collection by clicking my user name above) but obiously you are saving a lot by buying these together.

Rendered with both V-Ray and Mental Ray / Default Standard - so no external plug-ins needed.

The collection scene comes with V-Ray only and ready for rendering, if you want a Standard default renderer then each model in this collection is also available to download in it's own zip file, containing all other formats (OBJ, 3DS, FBX and two Max files)

Textures are available in a separate download.

Belongs to: Musical Instruments
File Formats: 3ds Max 2010
Renderers: Mental Ray, Vray
Polygons: 217,157
Animated: Yes
Rigged: No