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Realistic Male Body - Rigged 3d model



This is a high quality realistic rigged and animated male character. The character comes with high detailed textures (8192 x 8192).
The character has anatomically correct athletic body and has very detailed topology. The character sculpted in ZBrush, rigged in 3ds Max and final images rendered with Mental Ray. Most of images don't has any post effect, only some images has post effect.

The character was modeled in real-world scale with ideal proportions. Height of character is 180 cm, the eye size is approximately 2,5 cm.

You can add any clothes for this body.
From this topology you can easily to make more different kind of body.
You can use it also to bake normal map for low polygon characters.
You can use every body parts separately for other characters.

In ZBrush all levels of subdivision histories are kept. A MatCap material used in the preview images and it is included too.


- the mesh contains only quads
- clean geometry
- edge loops based topology
- anatomically correct model
- suitable proportions
- golden ratio for the ideal proportions
- smoothable polygonal model
- professional quality UV map
- professional quality high resolution textures
- rigged with biped + Skin
- extra twist bones (+40) and Skin Morph (+148) for better deformation
- the topology is appropriate for rigging and animation
- work well with Mocap data
- capture the personality
- high detailed eyes (cornea, iris, pupil, wet part) bring life to the model
- torso, head, eyes and pupil not symmetrical
- realistic SSS (Sub Surface Scattering) textures & shaders
- WSM Hair and Fur modifiers for eyelashes and eyebrows
- no genitals
- no teeth and tongue textures
- real-world scale
- system unit: cm


body: 30 300 (triangles)
two eyeballs: 5 600 (triangles)
two wet parts for eyes: 392 (triangles)
teeth + tongue: 10 836 (triangles)
underwear: 1 862 (triangles)


The render scene has external free Mental Ray shaders for better results. The product file include these shaders, check info file to install easily them:
- zap's skinplus shader for body and eye
- puppet shaders for hair

For extreme details the head and body has separately textures set. Head and body SSS textures, (8192 x 8192) TGA files:
- color map
- epidermal map
- subdermal map
- backscatter map
- specular map
- glossiness map
- normal map
- displacement map (PSD)

Eye SSS textures, (2048 x 2048) TGA files:
- color map
- epidermal map
- backscatter map
- specular map
- normal map
- reflection map (HDRI)

Underwear textures, (4096 x 4096) TGA files:
- color map
- specular map
- opacity map
- normal map



Product is ready to render, lights and cameras included in file.

- for best result use normal maps with subdivison level 2
- you can see some tip to optimize rendering time
- for far view you can reduce the size of textures to increase rendering speed
- for far view you can turn off displacement maps to increase rendering speed
- the Material Editor needs to load many huge textures so opened slowly
- some animation also included
- 3ds Max 2013 needs latest service pack to render hair correctly


Available more file formats:

- 3ds Max 2010 (rigged)
- 3ds Max 2013 (render scene)
- ZBrush 4R6 (single and multi textures version)

Every model has been checked with the appropriate software.

Andor Kollar

Belongs to: Characters
File Formats: 3ds Max 2010, 3ds Max 2013, OBJ, ZBrush
Renderers: Mental Ray, Scanline
Polygons: 15,150
Animated: Yes
Rigged: Yes
Artist: Andor Kollar